Day 2 Panel 1

Sustainability and inclusive growth

We all know that inclusive and sustainable growth help people to contribute to and benefit from economic growth with minimal impact on the environment. The panel was a sharing of local enterprises and associations that are living the SDGs as their daily goals with the support of Business Mauritius. Most importantly, they shared their views on their actual works and how this is impacting their respective businesses and the society.

Key takeways

  • Concrete local issues and we adapt to get local solutions.
  • Getting everyone to be involved and get moving to take actions – we need to operate a mindset shift and get everyone onboard.
  • Collective roles of Business Mauritius to liaise with the government to ease up the obstacles.
  • End-users have to be in knowing of the SDGs – to know more about the products that are locally made and the value in purchasing such products.
  • Companies have to put forward their values to promote the SDGs.
  • Sustainable development needs more local and international expertise to continue to move forward.
  • Rethink the business model and include sustainable development to be more inclusive.