Day 2 Panel 3

ESG Investment – Understanding the intricacies, the opportunities for businesses and the way forward

Investors nowadays are looking for more sustainable projects and the ESG Investment is the new sustainable policy referring to environmental, social and governmental practices being adopted by investors implying financial parameters yet in addition incorporating the ESG factors for a responsible and durable investment. Furthermore, ESG findings allows the entrepreneurs as well as the investors to better understand the impact of ESG investment and data allowing them to have a better understanding about the pros and potential risks for businesses.

  • There‚Äôs a need in accompanying the private sector for a responsible and durable investment.
  • ESG Investment is an important tool in assessing potential risks and as well as identifying measurable impacts that these findings can have on businesses.
  • ESG Investment is core to businesses and investment plan will depend on who investors are and is an important element to take into consideration while looking for active investor.
  • Nowadays, youngsters are more and more interested about sustainability concept and trying to adapt this understanding in entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurs are indeed becoming innovators but they encounter difficulties when looking for active investors to present their projects.
  • There is indeed a strong interest in sustainability projects by young entrepreneurs and this is possible through ESG Investment which is a mixture of ethics and funding for a global health.