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Karl Bertil Akesson

Chairman and CEO of Participation Industrielles et Minières (PIM SA)

My initial return to Madagascar was in 2013, a few days after my father’s death. A network of friends, scientists, policy makers, and entrepreneurs emerged and allowed me to engage in intense exchanges, especially with local entrepreneurs and managers (members of the APM Association). In addition, the field visits to dialogue with Professor Gunter Pauli, one of my mentors and author of the Blue Economy, have inspired many inspirations. These broad dialogues with people and the exploration of nature offered a set of privileged ideas that resulted in a creative summary of the opportunities associated with a creative vision of the economy and development. PIM SA has interests in a numerous companies that inherit an experience of more than a century of economic activities in Madagascar in the agricultural sector with a strategic heritage. Our activities and projects span more than 40,000 hectares in Madagascar.

Among other things, we have a new look at coffee and have set up the Kofeesson Program which adopts an economic model based on the regeneration of forests and soils, by developing an agro-forestry approach that integrates organic and wild Robusta coffee, alternative activities such as 3D culture, agro tourism, to face socio-economic and environmental issues. The Kofeesson program wants to innovate on the coffee market with wild and organic species and coffee varieties, derived from Malagasy biodiversity, notably through specialty coffee companies. Our biggest challenge is to change our vision and go beyond simply being the largest certified organic farm in the Region.