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Chido Govera

Director, The Future of Hope Foundation

Chido Govera is a Zimbabwean social entrepreneur, a farmer, campaigner, educator and the founder of The Future of Hope Foundation. She is committed to reaching out to women and girls through food, enabling them to sufficiently provide for their primary needs and concerns as an initial and most important step to engaging them in socio-economic development and to reach their full potential. Over the years, she has reached out to over 1,000 women in communities in Zimbabwe, Congo, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Burundi and South Africa and schools in India, Indigenous communities in Australia, and entrepreneurs in the Mongolia, US and Europe.

She encourages the disadvantaged neither to consider themselves victims nor to be resentful and incapable of taking responsibility for changing their circumstances.
Through The Future of Hope Foundation and her program Orphans Teaching Orphans, she works with young orphans and women in Zimbabwe encouraging them to become change agents, taking charge and responsibility of themselves and develop their ability to see and harness the possibilities around them.