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Jeremy Raguain

Project Officer, Seychelles Islands Foundation

After completing his tertiary studies in South Africa Jeremy Raguain has been a Project Officer at the Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF) for almost two years. SIF is a public trust that manages and protects Seychelles’ two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Aldabra Atoll and the Vallée de Mai and as a Project Officer Jeremy facilitates projects on Aldabra and in the Vallée de Mai. As such, his primary role has been a coordinator for the Aldabra Clean-Up Project a collaboration with the University of Oxford, the 2018 Black Parrot census and the Inva’Ziles project. His responsibilities also include communicating SIF’s work to the public and relevant stakeholders, taking on education and outreach activities, contributing towards the planning, implementation and review of SIF’s day to day operations as well as long term development.
Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Social Science in International Relations and Environmental Geographical Sciences and an Honours degree in International Relations from the University of Cape Town. He is passionate about global environmental politics and how small island/large oceanic developing states can navigate the international system vis a vis global challenges such as climate change, invasive species, plastic pollution and geopolitics. With his interdisciplinary background in science, sustainability, regionalism, international political economy and security studies Jeremy has a particular focus in determining how small island/ large ocean developing states can better leverage themselves in international politics to protect their biodiversity and human rights vis a vis global challenges such as climate change, invasive species, plastic pollution and security.
Jeremy also serves as the Vice-Curator of the Global Shapers Victoria Hub, global community which in Seychelles is focused on Youth empowerment. He is an Ocean Discovery fellow for 2018 National Ocean Exploration Forum, a recipient of a green ticket to the United Nations Youth Climate Action Summit (2019), in which he also attended the United Nations Climate Action Summit. He will also be attending the Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit taking place at the end of October.