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Jovin Hurry

Director, Solved

As a sustainability expert, Jovin works with enterprises, institutions and networks to get them to think through their strategies on business and sustainability, for them to stay competitively relevant in their fragmented landscapes.

Jovin currently serves as Director at Solved, a Finnish company that provides a global online marketplace for sustainability-related knowledge work where one can find, hire and work with experts-on-demand to create smart, sustainable and resource-efficient solutions. He is a Core Team Member of NELIS (Next Leaders’ Initiative for Sustainability), a Japanese-based network that empowers next-generation leaders on the future of sustainability. He is also a Counsellor of the Belgium-based International Board of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs (Entreps) for Leadership.

Jovin’s previous engagements as an analyst and project manager have been with the International Business Leaders Forum in London, the European Commission in Belgium and ETH Zurich, among others. Jovin has studied at College du Saint-Esprit in Mauritius, the National University in Singapore and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Jovin frequently writes and speaks on the nexus of sustainability, leadership and entrepreneurship in Asia, Europe and Africa. He regularly mentors for incubators & universities, and sits as a jury in international competitions. He speaks English and French. During his free time, he assists in the Olympic Games.