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Kristina Samudio

Sustainability Manager, Eclosia Group

Kristina is the Sustainability Manager of Eclosia Group, a diversified and robust group in the Mauritian economic landscape, with activities regrouped into six sectors: Food, Commerce, Logistics, Business Services, Education, and Hotels & Leisure. She is currently responsible for the integration of sustainable practices in Eclosia Group companies.

Holder of a Masters in International Development, a Diploma in Education and a BA in Communications, Kristina has over 10 years of experience working in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Community Relations internationally.

She has elaborated Community Engagement, Environmental Management and Community Resettlement strategies for national and multinational companies in the fields of Aquaculture, Food and Beverage, Banking and Mining in South America and Australia. She has also facilitated various multi-sector dialogue, mediation, policy building and capacity building workshops in Chile. She has also worked as a guest as lecturer and tutor for the School of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Queensland in Australia.

Kristina has represented business and non-for-profit organisations in many international meetings and conferences, participated as an advisor for the development of UNESCO’s Education for Global Citizenship framework and co-authored papers on Social Responsibility in Mining.

She currently sits on various social and environmental national working groups and is excited to be able to contribute to the field of sustainability in her native country.