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René Fontaine

Consultant, RSL Sarl

René Fontaine was born in 1956 in Reunion Island. He was a math teacher in 1978. After a few months he decided to become an computer programmer and to quit teaching. He was IT manager in different companies. In 1986, He created a company in Mauritius Island and developed specific software for different business. He worked in Brazil, Morocco, Mauritius, Madagascar and Reunion Island.

He became a strategy consultant in 1992 because he understood that we can build an efficient information system if the strategy is correctly defined. He worked, by example, for an Insurance company, food retailers and for a company in charge of garbage collection and treatment of waste. He created a meta model for strategic approach adapted to Reunion Island companies. He understood very early that Reunion Island had to change its economic model to create added value and decrease unemployment. So he created different think tanks with some economic actors to propose a new model.