Our Speakers & Moderators

Keynote Speaker

Master of Ceremony

Henry Bonsu

Broadcaster and master of ceremonies

Our Speakers & Moderators

Sanjiv Bhasin

CEO, AfrAsia Bank Limited

René Fontaine

Consultant, RSL Sarl

Prateema Anju Kutwoaroo

Senior Analyst, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration & International Trade

Jeremy Raguain

Project Officer, Seychelles Islands Foundation

Dr Elizabeth Mary Okelo

Executive Director; Makini Schools Limited; Kenya

Aruna Bolaky

Economic Affairs Officer; UN Economic Commission for Africa (UN ECA) sub-regional office; Southern Africa

Sidharth Sharma

Group CEO and Executive Director, Rose-Hill Transport Holding

Shirin Gunny

Chief Operating Officer, Made in Moris

Chido Govera

Director, The Future of Hope Foundation

Kristina Samudio

Sustainability Manager, Eclosia Group

Karl Bertil Akesson

Chairman and CEO of Participation Industrielles et Minières (PIM SA)

Jean Richard Payendee

Commissioner for Environment, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Marine Parks, Rodrigues Regional Assembly

Tony Lee Luen Len

Founding Chairman, Green Building Council Mauritius

Pr. Jean Pierre Philippe

Professor at University of La Reunion and Advisor of the President of the Regional Council of La Reunion for innovation and climate change issues, University of La Reunion and Regional Council of La Réunion

Jannette Horn

Group Sustainability Manager, Sun International, Johannesburg

Daden Venkatasawmy

Head of Collaborative Economic Development, Business Mauritius

Caroline Rault

General Manager, Maurilait Productions Ltd; Eclosia Group

Aysha Julie

Director, Future Females Invest

Nicole Martens

Head: Africa & Middle East, UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment

Zulaika Sunthbocus

Director & Co Founder, Spoon Consulting Ltd

Arnaud Lagesse

Executive Director, Group CEO – IBL Together

Jean-Luc Wilain

Head of Business Development – Strategic Initiatives and Integration, IBL Together

Gunter Pauli

Entrepreneur and Author of The Blue Economy

Raj Mohabeer

Officer in Charge, Indian Ocean Commission

H.E. Christine N. Umutoni

UN Resident Coordinator, for Mauritius and Seychelles.

André Pouillès-Duplaix

Director, Agence Française Développement (AFD)

Hans Dwarka

Architect, Mauritius

Rebecca Espitalier-Noël

Co Founder and Managing Director, FoodWise

Gaetan Siew

Chairman, Port Louis Development Initiative

Maga Ramasamy

President, World Airlines Club Association

Robin Nunkoo

Associate Professor, University of Mauritius

Neeveditah Pariag

Lecturer in Accounting & Finance, University of Mauritius

Amandine De Rosnay

Sustainability Consultant, Dynamia associates & Developers

Thierry LeBreton

Associate & Developer, Dynamia

Sagar Tulsidas

Directeur, The Green Junkie Limited

Jocelyn Kwok

Chief Executive Officer, Association of Hoteliers and Restaurants; Ile Maurice

Nicolas Hardy

Chief Technology & Operations Officer, AfrAsia Bank

Karen Basiye

Senior Manager Sustainability, Safaricom Plc.

Cynthia Parrish

Managing Director, Musa Group Mauritius Limited

Nkiruka Chiemelu

Manager Local Networks, United Nations Global Compact New York